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During an ultrasonic facial, high level sound wave technology is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin promoting cellular renewal and repair, toning muscles, increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness and swelling and improving skin care product penetration.


Ultrasonic Treatment
Ultrasonic Treatment with Chemical Peel
Ultrasonic Treatment with Facial

Boost cell rejuvenation, tighten sagging skin, significantly helps collagen formation, helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and unnecessary pigment. Improves overall skin tone!

For best results a series of 4 - 6 treatments is recommended.

Ultrasonic Treatment $65

Series of 4 Treatments $220

Series of 6 Treatments $330


Intensify the results of the Ultrasonic Treatment by adding a Chemical Peel to allow better anti aging results

Ultrasonic Treatment with Chemical Peel $115

Series of 4 Treatments $420

Series of 6 Treatments $630


The Ultrasonic Facial allows all the benefits of the Ultrasonic Treatment , along with the added anti aging benefits of the Graceful Aging Facial

Ultrasonic Treatment with Facial $100

Series of 4 treatments $360

Series of 6 Treatments $540



Is an exfoliation treatment that involves gently scraping the face with a medical grade scalpel to remove the very top layer of skin.The treatment removes both dead skin cells and the fine vellum hairs that are known as peach fuzz, leaving the surface of the face ultra smooth. By stimulating the development of new skin cells, this type of exfoliation helps new skin rise to the surface.It leaves you with a more youthful and dewy face but without the use of harsh chemicals, excessive down time or pain.

Dermaplaning Treatment

Dermaplaning can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and acne scars or other skin imperfections by revealing newer, undamaged skin. It will make your skin look younger and healthier.


30 minutes $65


Dermaplaning With Facial

The Dermaplaning Facial immediately diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing the appearance of acne scars. It reveals smoother, firmer, healthier skin.


60 minutes $100


High Frequency -

Main function is to oxygenate the skin and increase circulation utilizing argon and neon gas. Argon targets acne and anti bacteria. Neon targets anti aging, increases blood circulation, increases cell turnover rates, stimulating collagen production - targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

High Frequency Treatment

Oxygenates the skin and increases circulation, targeting acne and bacteria. Increases cell turnover, stimulating collagen production, which in turn promotes anti aging by targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

30 minutes $65

High Frequency With Facial

The High Frequency Facial is used to treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, de-congest puffy eyes and fade dark circles.

60 minutes $100

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